Are you happy now, monster?!

You gang rapped her in front of your mother,
your sister, your father, your brother, and your neighbor!
You gang rapped her in front of a camera for millions to “admire”
your barbaric nature!

And then you forced her
to enter a hospital for the insane,
and now our sister is forever gone!
You must be celebrating,
after releasing your disgusting
testosterone, your sadistic moan!
Oh, Lebanon,
congratulate your brave sons,
and their fathers and mothers
who have given birth to monsters!
Oh, Lebanon,
another land of slavery for migrant women!

Tell me, are you happy now, monster?!
You attacked her like wolf packs!
One poor woman against a bunch of thugs!
Now, she is nothing but a cadaver!
Oh, congratulations Mr. Blood Sucker!
I HATE your very existence,
for you are worse than vampires!

I HATE to think
I share the earth with soulless bastards like you.
I wish I could join her this very minute.

Oh, cry Ethiopia,
a free land turned into slave producer,
for the twenty first century monster;
cry mother, for you are the main reason
why our poor women like Alem
suffer in places such as Lebanon!


… My pain felt like water penetrating into sand, soundless, into the core of my being. I did not seem to exist anymore. —Red Azalea


The domestic slavery in Lebanon and in other Middle Eastern countries must end!

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5 thoughts on “Are you happy now, monster?!

  1. painfull post … they are so heart felt bad.. i can feel the pain … :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(.. hope everything gets well and never this should happen again… god bless her… thanks for sharing this Elyas

  2. your emotions have come out here strongly and very beautifully.

    I know you are mourning the loss … the tyranny that has transpired.
    I feel for your cause.
    It broke my heart to see the video of her being abused.
    And it broke my heart to read about her suicide.

    But I consoled my mind telling myself, at least she will rest in peace.
    No more abuse from people like him. No more probing by media.
    No more hassle.
    And she has left a legacy behind for people to follow up her case.
    To make sure she did not die in vain.
    With the help of the media, and people like you
    I hope no one else dares abuse another woman.

    My hate for him has now changed to loathing, and pity.
    His living is going to be burdened, by curses of women living and
    will be haunted by the lovely soul who just left this cruel world because of his cruelty.

  3. Wonderful poem, Elyas. You have written it so well, your words hit me in the gut.
    Your emotions are pouring out and I want to fall on my knees and weep over the loss of this lovely young woman. I want to scream along with you and cry to the Heavens. Why? Why on Earth?
    There is no sense, no sense at all to this horror.

  4. Dear Elyas,

    Thank you for sharing this touching and powerful poem with us. As I read it my eyes were filled with tears, anger and pain. We must work together to stop such horrific violence that is being done to our people all over the world.

    “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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