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Never Lose Faith

Never lose your faith In you and your dreams Never let your demons Push, crush you to death You may have to walk alone Through dark streets You may have to fight alone   Some brute moments Others may lose their faith In you and your dreams But never lose your faith In you and your dreams *** In memory of Robin Williams.

Happy Ethiopian New Year 2006!

According to the Ethiopic (or Geez) calendar, the year 2006 has replaced the (good?) old 2005. In other words, Meskerem 1, 2006 (11 September 2013) is a New Year in Ethiopia. Eritrea, too, recognizes this calendar as part of a tradition, but uses Gregorian calendar officially. The Geez Calendar system is mainly based on highland Ethiopia and Eritrea traditions. Other calendar systems also exist throughout Ethiopia—from the Borana Oromo, Sidama,…


Nothing Has Been Wasted

Though some years have passed And some dreams have been deferred, Nothing has been wasted. Though you may feel unmoved, Or unfulfilled, Something has surely changed: Something visible, Or invisible, Something beyond What your eyes can see, Something in your internal sea. You are no longer the same, Except your name. You are constantly changing: You are being and becoming. And change can be nauseating; It can be very uncomfortable,…



We’re moving forward There’s no going back We are marching forward There’s no walking back Of course we may look back But never to be stuck Of course we may check back But never to feel sick Forward Forward Forward No backward No backward Forward Forward Forward For Good For Good For Good We have to move forward Into a better land We must march forward Into a lighter world…

Four More Years

Thoughts on Ethiopia Inspired by the US Election

Hello Friends, Here is a reflection on the US election and what can be learned from it that can be applied in Ethiopia. The writer is Rediet Yibekal, an Ethiopian student currently in Sweden.  Enjoy! :)  *** Thoughts on Ethiopia Inspired by the US Election By Rediet Yibekal  Ethiopia is always on my mind. After I followed the long political campaigns and the final result of the US election, here is…