I just want to say… (Winter Blues)

“I am by the window: Observing rapid snowflakes falling, On the concrete Outside this cold apartment, Without sticking. I just want to say That the view makes me think Of the days and nights We used to spend cuddling To keep each other warm; But that is now a memory I keep, locked in a room, Deep inside this melancholic heart. Dear, I may have contributed more to your unhappiness…


Red Fire

Stubbornly uncompromising In love with stonewalling Addicted to whining Allergic to cheering Everyday consuming a stinking thinking – a black and white, single story of a gray history, and current misery. So we said ENOUGH to stinking madness. And lo, we no more see only darkness. Instead, we see light flickering – flames of red fire burning. We see, too, coming – progressive thinking. WE are the future We live…


Nothing Has Been Wasted

Though some years have passed And some dreams have been deferred, Nothing has been wasted. Though you may feel unmoved, Or unfulfilled, Something has surely changed: Something visible, Or invisible, Something beyond What your eyes can see, Something in your internal sea. You are no longer the same, Except your name. You are constantly changing: You are being and becoming. And change can be nauseating; It can be very uncomfortable,…

Ethiopian Art Show at AU via Seanness @flickr

My Love Is Yours

My body craves you And my soul is ecstatic Oh my, am I so romantic My heart adores you I feel weak When you whisper Softly into my ear I stumble when you look Oh my … sweetest love You are my soul Oh you … truly stole My heart, you brave Oh you, my love is yours Your love my bliss *** Currently addicted to this song :)

via framestheworld.blogspot.com

In La La Land

I am flying Next to a blue butterfly I am feeling My heart turn into a yellow sky I am singing As we pass a heavenly garden I am enjoying As we smile back to a friendly sun I am in la la land I see a bedroom in red Covered with rose petals Near dancing waterfalls Below the charming moon Far from the sleeping sun Ooh la la ……

Logan Sapphire

A Cold Stone

I hear them walk on the road As they pass singing so loud And I see a flower Blooming on a tower And I am a cold stone Sleeping in the rain There she comes an Afro girl A comely daffodil Her eyes release fire Bluer than a sapphire But here I am a cold stone Frozen, wet autumn She tries to warm my heart I resist to feel her…