የነግርሜ ትውልድ ጠብ አንስቶ ከዘውድ የነ ዋለ፣ ባሮ መደብ ላይ ቸርችሮ የብሔር ቅማሮ የነ ሙሴ፣ ሓየሎ… ደርግን አንከባሎ ድል ቢነሳም ታግሎ አልቀረም ዘንድሮ ያምናው እንጉርጉሮ ሲሰማ ቅሬታ የበደል አቤቱታ ሲስተዋልም ጎልቶ ብሶት ተበራክቶ ጠብ ማንሳቱ የግድ የዛሬውም ትውልድ *** “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” ― Groucho Marx “Disregard for the past … Continue reading ድግግሞሽ

ባለፈውና ባለው ዘመን…የወደፊቱን

ሚዛናዊነት በጎደለው የህልክ ክርክር ተበራክቶ የጥላቻ መፈክር ያለፈው ሲካድ ወይም ሲካበድ ሲለጠጥ ሰዉ በስሜት ሲናጥ ታጥቆ ሲነሳ ለፖለቲካ ሸፍጥ ነገር ሲያነሳ ለመግባባት ሳይሆን ለመኩዋነን ባለፈውና ባለው ዘመን ግራ የገባው ትውልድ እንደ ሰካራም ሲወላገድ ለማውረስ ይቸኩላል ጨለምተኝነትን ሲያስብ የወደፊቱን *** Inspired by this link: “65% of Ethiopians are under the age of 24 years old. The ‘65 percent’ generation needs to inherit a constructive political atmosphere … Continue reading ባለፈውና ባለው ዘመን…የወደፊቱን

Acknowledging Differences

The acknowledgement of our political, cultural, ideological and religious differences is the foundation of true equality. Without equality, dialogue, which is essential to peace in the world, would be impossible. ~Jeanne Sauvé, Canadian journalist, politician, and stateswoman who served as Governor General of Canada, the 23rd since Canadian Confederation Continue reading Acknowledging Differences

ነገር ሲካበድ … A hill out of a molehill

ነገር ሲካበድ ስንጥር ይሆናል ግንድ ለፖለቲካ ንግድ ጤነኛው እስኪያብድ *** Miscommunication And over-reaction Politicization And Hot-temper Will never Lead us to understanding But to an endless fighting No room for accommodating Differences, views, perspectives But for conspiracies, rumors Bigotry And folly… Continue reading ነገር ሲካበድ … A hill out of a molehill


በልዩነት አንድነት (Unity in Diversity)

አንድነት የአብሮ መኖር መሠረት በግዴታ ሳይሆን በውዴታ በሚገነባ ቤት ልዩነትን የማይሽር የማይሰርዝ የማይፍቅ የአንዱን የበላይነት የማያደምቅ ሌላውን በኃይል የማይደፍቅ የተለየን የማይገፋ የማያጠወልግ ራስን መሆን ራስን ማስተዳደር የማይነፍግ በወንድማማችነት በእህትማማችነት መንፈስ የተሳሰረ ቤተሰባዊነት የሚያስቀድም ሰብዓዊነት የማያስር የማይገድል ያልሆነ ፍርደ ገምድል የማያባር የማያፍን የማይነዳ ወደ ገደል የማይጨቁን የማያደማ የማይደፈጥጥ የሚያለማ ከነጻነት ጋር ከቢሊሱማ ከሓርነት ጋር በሰላም ዜማ! *** *** We all are pencils, but we come in different colors, … Continue reading በልዩነት አንድነት (Unity in Diversity)

March on Washington Button of Charles Mann, Chapel Hill, NC Medium Web view

The March on Washington: MLK’s Take on Moderation and Other Thoughts

Three days prior to the 1963 “March on Washington” campaign in the United States, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights movement icon, and Roy Wilkins, executive secretary of the NAACP, were invited to the NBC news program “Meet the Press” to address questions concerning the March. The “Meet the Press” questions reflected the deep-rooted fear that most white people and the US government had about the … Continue reading The March on Washington: MLK’s Take on Moderation and Other Thoughts


አዛውንቷ፣ ሾላውና ዋርካው (The Elderly Lady and Two Trees)

The following Amharic short story is inspired by two articles: የዘመኑ መንፈስ (The spirit of the present time) by በእውቀቱ ስዩም (Bewketu Seyoum), a young Ethiopian who is well-known as creative writer, stand up comedian and poet in Ethiopia. Bewketu’s article deals with the political issues that divide, confuse, or challenge citizens of Ethiopia today such as Ethiopian nationalism, ultranationalism, ethnic nationalism, ethnocentrism, historical revisionism, denialism, myths and selective omission. He … Continue reading አዛውንቷ፣ ሾላውና ዋርካው (The Elderly Lady and Two Trees)

“OLF and TPLF are two faces of the same coin” – Quote of the day

The last thing one may expect in Ethiopia’s comical political drama: Seeing diehard supporter of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)—the dominant member of the ruling party in Ethiopia (EPRDF)—defending similarly diehard supporter of Oromo Liberation Front, a former ally of the TPLF, in the struggle to overthrow the Derg military dictatorship, but now considered “a terrorist group” by the ruling and “damaged beyond repair” due … Continue reading “OLF and TPLF are two faces of the same coin” – Quote of the day